Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been feeling totally stuck lately.  Trying to forge ahead with my hopes and dreams but sometimes I feel myself getting mired in old habits, old patterns.  My diet seems to be stuck, my money seems to be stuck, my vision of the future feels like it's slipping away and I'm determined not to let it!

I've heard that when you feel stuck you should do something out of the norm to shake up your world.  Something as simple as writing with the opposite hand than you normally do.  Or doing something backwards to shake up the right brain/left brain thing.  So this morning as I took my shower and I turned to let the water wash away the soap from my front I turned left instead of my normal right.  I know that sounds stupid but it actually felt awkward!  And when I got out of the tub I dried off my right leg first instead of my left.  I had to really be careful to balance myself on the side of the tub and wobbled a little bit.  My brain worked really hard to make sure I didn't fall and had to concentrate to make sure I did everything opposite from what I normally do.  I'm trying to change my automatic habits and make my brain work differently.

I was watching the show The Middle on Wednesday night and the mom on the show, Patricia Heaton, began skipping to try and make her son have fun and act childlike.  Her son, Brick, looked at her like she was crazy.  But she said it made her think differently and brought up all sorts of wonderful memories from her childhood.  She even said to her husband, "Remember when skipping used to be our only mode of transportation!"  I think it's the same as doing things opposite from normal.  It got me to thinking that I needed to act differently too.  I haven't skipped in years!  I would probably need a sports bra to do it!  But it might be fun!!  And it might shake things up for me!

I'm going to try and shake up my diet too.  I've been on the HCG diet for 5 months and have lost almost 60 lbs and 3 dress sizes.  But it's very expensive and I think my body is getting to used to the hormone.  So I pulled out my old Dr. Phil diet and decided next week I'm going to try it again.  I'm actually kind of excited because the last time I was his diet I lost 50 lbs and felt great.

This coming Monday I have two appointments.  One is with mentor and author Paul McCormick,, for a coaching session on creating a wealthy mindset.  The second is with naturopath Beve Kindblade,, for some metablolic testing and nutrition guidance.  I'm very excited about both sessions and hope they will also shake up things for me!  Both coaches were provided by Dr. Pat Baccili,, as part of my Holistic Makeover.

Recently I found this quote from Dr. Susan Smith Jones, PhD that I am keep in front of me and read each day.  It's helping me to keep motivated.

I keep my sights focused on my goals and refuse to get discouraged. I have the strength and determination to follow my heart and achieve my heart’s desires.

I hope you all get your heart's desires and shake things up once in a while!

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