Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Deal~

How do you learn to overcome disappointment?  Especially when it is of your own making?  I have been working and working on my personal goals and it seems everytime I get to where I can just taste it I feel it gets snatched from me!  I know I have to learn patience and it's the universe's way of letting me know I'm not quite ready.  But it's hard!

I found this article on that I thought I would share with you.  Hopefully we can all learn something and move on to wonderful new things!

How to Overcome Disapointment - by Tielle Webb
Everyone experiences disappointment in life. Not the disappointment you feel when trying to make a green light, but it changes just before you get there, or you open the fridge to grab a soda only to discover there aren’t any. We are talking major disappointment. The distress, frustration and sadness you feel when you have your heart set on something--a job promotion, or getting into a certain college, for example--only to learn it is not going to happen. Getting over these big letdowns in life can be tough, but not impossible.


1) Give yourself a chance to grieve. When you are feeling disappointed, it is because you are suffering a loss. Even though the loss might not have been a physical one, an emotional loss is still very real. In your heart and mind you had envisioned and maybe even fallen in love with whatever you were hoping for. Nurse those wounds for a while. 

2)  Ask questions and try to learn from the situation. For example, if you were passed over for a promotion at work, talk to your supervisor about what you could have done differently to earn the job.

3)  Take steps to prevent being similarly disappointed in the future. If you are disappointed in a relationship, find ways to improve that relationship or perhaps walk away from it. If you are seeking better employment but have been unsuccessful, consider taking some college classes or brushing up on interviewing skills.

4)  Help someone else. When we are down and disappointed, it is easy to have a kind of tunnel vision where we only see our pain and hurt. By reaching out and lending a hand to someone else who is hurting, your focus will be taken from your own disappointment, at least for a while, and it will give you something positive to concentrate on.

5)  Realize that many times in life, when we don't get the thing we really want, something much better comes along down the road. Think back on times when you were seriously disappointed in the past, only to later be so glad that whatever you were hoping for didn't come to pass. Then, take every day as it comes, knowing that as time passes, the pain will pass as well.

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