Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a Blessed Life

I feel truly blessed lately.  I have had so many wonderful things happen to me since I started the Dr. Pat Holistic Makeover.  I have been gifted coaching sessions with some of the most amazing people.

 First up was life coach Sharon Roy,  I was gifted 3 sessions with this gentle, loving, and truly amazing woman.  I can say with absolute truth that my sessions with her were life changing.  She has such a sweet way with guiding you through life’s journey.  I really admire her greatly!
Sharon and I worked on my lifelong  feelings of lack of self-worth.  I have always struggled with the fact that I don’t feed the hungry, or heal people, or have any huge accomplishments that are physical proof that I’m making a difference in the world or in anyone’s life.  Sharon helped me see that just by my being an open hearted, loving person, bringing my messages of joy to people can sometimes mean more to the universe than someone who makes lots of physical changes to the world but does them with the wrong intentions.  That meant so much to me!  I have been working ever since on living with an open heart. 

This very wise woman also told me that where I was in my life was "perfect".  That the fact that I never heard from my ex after our split was a blessing and all the closure I needed.  She said, "rejection is perfection".  It is the universe's way of telling us that a person or situation aren't right for us.  We shouldn't take it personally and we shouldn't fret over the outcome.  Just bless the moment and move on.  This is a life lesson that I will always thank her for!

Next up in my journey was being introduced to realtor Cathy Staup,  She is going to guide me to realizing my lifelong dream of owning my own home.  I was very skeptical at first.  I have struggled with money issues and my finances all of my adult life.  But I have also worked very hard over the past two years to pay off my old debt and live frugally by downsizing twice and not purchasing anything new, including clothes, during that two year period.  She introduced me to her mortgage broker and between the two of them they told me I should be ready to purchase a home this summer!

This brought up a whole new set of issues for me.  First of all, I figured I wouldn’t be ready to purchase a home for at least 12 months.  Now they were telling me 4 months?  I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Second, it started to bring up the “I’m not worthy” issues in me.  All the self-doubt that I have always struggled with bubbled up like I had never worked on any of it just as recently as speaking with Sharon Roy two months earlier!  Cathy was wonderful in reassuring me that it would all go smoothly with her guidance along the way.  I’m putting my trust in her that it will come true!!

Enter Paul McCormick,, author and millionaire mentor, as my next coach.  He sent me an MP3 of his book “The Secrets of the Millionaire Inside” and said we would talk soon.  I downloaded the book to my iPod wondering, “What is Dr. Pat thinking assigning a millionaire coach to me?”  I didn’t want to be a millionaire!  I just want to be happy, comfortable, and someday retire without worries.  Oh, and own my own home!  Now I was really skeptical of this process.  What could I possible have to say to him?  I was also very nervous to contact him.  I didn’t want to disturb or bother someone with my little problems when I’m sure he was busy making millions and working on huge financial  deals.  But I listened to the book and sent off a tentative email.  He responded a little curt and gave me an assignment.  Yikes!  I hadn’t even talked to him yet and I already had homework.  But I was going on faith and trusting the process.  I was going on the hope that Dr. Pat had a bigger plan in mind and that the universe had given me what I really needed and not what I thought I wanted.

So I completed the homework and contacted him again.  I was so nervous during our first conversation.  I told him what I had written as my goals both financially and professionally.  And I got up the courage to tell him that I truly didn’t want to be a millionaire.  We talked for a long time on that first conversation.  I told him about my family life including raising my daughter as a single parent with no spousal support and my history with money.  I told him of my dream of owning a home and retiring comfortably.  He then changed tactics with me.  He asked me if I was spiritual.  I told him “absolutely”.  So he offered to mail me a copy of his first book which he felt I would get a whole lot more out of than his “Secrets of the Millionaire Inside” book.  I received the book within a couple of days.  It’s called “Secrets of the Miracle Inside”.  I couldn’t believe he autographed a copy of it and sent me a hard copy of his “Millionaire” book autographed too.  I felt honored!  And I absolutely LOVE his first book.  I lent it to my daughter and bought a copy for my friend, one of last year’s Holistic Makeover winners, for her birthday.

Over the next several weeks Paul and I worked out a budget and an 8-step program to get me financially free and owning my own home!  I still have trouble believing it some days.  When I get discouraged and feel like things happen, I call them setbacks, he has had me rename them stepping stones.  They are the stepping stones to my future!  It might take me a little longer than some people and I might have to step over a few more stones along the way but I’m starting see the other side!  I see a really good stable future for myself.  And that’s amazing to me!  He told me that next year after I own my home we can work on making me a millionaire.  I just laughed!  He is confident it can happen and I almost believe him! 

During the past several months I have also been on a weight loss journey.  I began a diet with my naturopath physician and lost the 50 lbs I had gained over the previous two years plus an additional 10 pounds!  I feel better than I have in years.  My aches and pains are almost gone.  I have gone down 3 sizes and continuing to lose.  Dr. Pat then offered 3 sessions with naturopathic nutritionist Beve Kindblade,  I went to see her one Saturday and the first thing she did was give me a test to gauge how well my metabolism works.  And it works very well actually!  Probably due to my stringent dieting for the 5 preceding months. 

Beve also had me go back to my doctor and get tested for allergies.  That was a real eye opener!  I thought I was allergic to wheat but found out that I’m not.  But I am allergic to many other things including dairy and tomatoes.  So I went back to see Beve an additional two times.  She changed my diet and put me on a regimen of supplements guaranteed to assist me in my weight loss.  And between her and my doctor they are working on eliminating the inflammation that has plagued my knees and feet for years. 

I’m so excited to be working with Beve.  She is a wealth of information.  So much so that she fills page after page of information for me to take home after each session.  And my head swirls with all the good ideas and helpful suggestions she imparts.  I am going to continue to work with her on my own and get as healthy as I can during the balance of this year. 

I have truly made some dear, wonderful friends during the process of this Holistic Makeover.  Seven of the most amazing women I have ever known (this includes Dr. Pat).  I know that I will be friends with them for the rest of my life and I will always feel like I have a cosmic connection with them and have learned so much from each one of them.  We have all struggled together and supported each other.  We hold each other up. We are Dr. Pat’s amazing Team of 7! 

But I think the biggest lesson I have learned during this whole Holistic Makeover process is that the world is full of possibilities.  That miraculous things can happen when you trust the universe to give you what you need.  It’s amazing!

The other thing I discovered is that I can write!  I have written a couple of articles and even submitted one to Aspire Magazine.  I haven’t heard back yet but one never knows!  I want to continue writing and submit articles to other magazines as well.  And I love writing my blog and wish I had more time to devote to it.  I would even like to possibly write a book someday. Maybe when I’m sitting on the porch of my new home as a retired, skinny, millionaire?

You never know…life and the universe is so amazing that way!  And that is truly joylicious!

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