Monday, May 2, 2011

My Two Cents~

I'm having a hard time today wrapping my head around the death of Osama Bin Laden.  I think it's good that there is one less evil in the world but I personally don't agree that you should ever rejoice in someone's death.  And I worry about retribution from the Taliban.  I see people rejoicing and celebrating in the streets crying, "USA, USA, USA!" and I wonder if the people in the middle east look upon that as we did them when they were rejoicing and shouting "Allah, Allah" after the nightmare of 9/11.

I heard it described on the news very well tonight when someone said, "they cut off the head of the snake but there is still a lot of snake left".  This was said by a father of a soldier killed in Afganistan not some peace loving hippie.  I worry about what could come of these actions of celebration.  I am glad all the Navy Seals are ok.  I'm glad that they recovered as much information from the compound as they did after the fighting.  But I have a real hard time rejoicing over this death and any war of any kind.

Everyone says they have God on their side.  But we are all children of God so how does that make any side right?  Or does that make every side right?  I'm saying a prayer for Bin Laden's soul and a prayer for our country tonight.

Dear Lord, please keep us all safe.  Amen.

ps - Some of the facebook rants and comments have been very disturbing to me too. I'm tempted to cancel my account. I want to read about my family and friends and their happy lives.  I don't want to read about politics, war, or other soap box issues.  Just my two cents...

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