Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring has Sprung~

I sat outside at lunch today to soak up some sunhine.  It is a balmy 54 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!  I am so excited for spring to get here and eventually summer.  I love that the days are getting longer.  I just wish that we would start to have more sunny days and not such chilly nights.

I read yesterday that many Seattleites are still not wanting to plant their gardens yet as it still gets down to almost freezing each night.  And April was noted as the coldest ever recorded since 1890 something.  I yearn for the warmth on my skin and the breezes of fresh cut grass and flowers.  The apple blossoms blooming got me in the mood and now the tulips and daffodils are just beautiful!

I wore only a tank top and short sleeve shirt today and as I sat huddled on the steps of the building, goose bumps on my arms, it amused me to see other people's reactions to the elusive sun here.  I watched joggers in shorts and tank tops running down the street.  I saw convertibles with the tops down and the drivers wearing coats and caps!  I could hear the frogs from North Creek and see the ducks waddling around looking for food.  There was a group of guys playing soccer in the field across the street.  Their exuberance catching.  We love our sun here.  We don't get enough of it.

They are calling for rain again tomorrow and through next week.  So today I'm going to soak up as much as I can and hope it's only light showers tomorrow and not rain. (Only a Washingtonian would understand that!)  And I'm hopeful it's gone by next Friday as I'm going to the Rhody festival in Port Townsend for the weekend.  But even if it isn't sunny I know there will be a big crowd enjoying ourselves at the fair looking at all the beautiful rhododendrons!  Joylicious fun!!

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