Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Because We Are Worthy~

"It is difficult to describe the peace that comes with giving yourself permission to know what you know. To have hard, complicated realities staring at you and be able to raise your head and look back at them with a steady gaze, scared maybe, grieved perhaps, but straight on and unwavering" ~Valerie Tarico ph.d.

This quote arrived in my mailbox this morning and it really hit a chord with me.  It made me stop and realize that when you look back at your life no matter how hard the time was you can't have regrets.  You can't flinch at your past actions.  You must accept your life as the life you were meant to live and look forward to the future.

It's hard not to grieve losses and past mistakes.  It's hard not to have those little voices in your head telling you that you are not a good person.  That you aren't worthy.  That you don't deserve a good life.  But you need to look at your life with clear eyes and an open heart and know that the life you lived made you the person you are today.

And you certainly don't want to live your life with regrets.  When I look at old pictures of myself I remember how hard I always was on myself.  I have always stressed about my weight.  I moaned about grey hair, wrinkles, no money, no time, work issues, relationship issues.  And when I look back I think, wow, I wasn't too bad looking!  Why didn't I appreciate myself more?  Or I'll think, I didn't give my daughter that bad of a life.  Yes, we were broke, yes there was drama, but she turned out to be a wonderful, amazing young woman so I must have done some things right.  We need to learn to give ourselves credit for what we did right.  Not grieve over what we didn't have or didn't do but what we're going to do and what we're going to be.

I received my "Notes from the Universe" email today from Mike Dooley and it was along the same topic.  It stated,  "Oh, you're going to laugh alright, Kathy, but not just at the funny clothes you wore, or how na├»ve you thought the animals were, or by the unrecognized angels in your midst. But at how close you were when you thought yourself far, how much more strength you had when you thought yourself weak, and how easy life was when you thought it hard. "

Isn't life amazing that I would get the same message stated in two entirely different ways on the same day?  Joylicious!!!

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