Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is from my fabulous friend Kathy, aka KD, one of the Dr. Pat Holistic Makeover winners.  I wanted to share it with you!  ~Kat

"Thought I'd share an affirmation from my mom's Swami. A friend of mine recently died and it was read at a Big Chill type of gathering that we had. He used to meditate upon it every day. He had severe rheumatoid arthritis and it helped him survive many years after he had contemplated checking out due to the pain. Even though I like it, it talks about negative stuff which in a way I think contributes to it sticking around in consciousness...but nevertheless much of it is powerful and uplifing. - KD"

Daily Affirmation

From now on I shall consciously control the emotional force which lies hidden deep within me.

I shall not allow the thought of sickness, failure or any other negative mental state to rule.

I shall reject all hampering and harmful suggestions of other people.

I am strong, courageous, and competent.

My memory and will power are increasing day by day.

I face this day with faith in the Infinite Mind in me, faith in Myself, faith in the Law of the Mind.

This period of silent meditation, about the truth of my real self, will keep me poised and serene during this day no matter what happens in my outer world.

I am greater than any outside event, stronger than any situation, master of any circumstance.

I will not be dejected; I have immeasurable strength and power within. 

There is a glorious future awaiting me. 

I shall face all difficulty with a smile. 

Pain is the real eye opener and guide. 

I shall never be despondent; ever I will laugh, jump, or smile.

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