Saturday, December 4, 2010

Comfort and Joy

This morning I drove to Snohomish to get my hair done.  It was early and the sun was just starting to peak out from behind the Cascade mountains.  As I drove down Highway 9 through the quiet icy morning I marveled at the beautiful white fields and trees covered with frost.  It was so glistening and perfect!  Untouched by humans this early in the day.  The mountains sparkled with their snow caps reflecting the sun.  Mount Baker completely white with the blue backdrop of the sky looked amazing.  Even the airplanes on Harvey Field looked pretty with their different colors against the white of the frost.

There were very few cars on the road and as I drove I kept thinking how good life currently has been.  I passed a strip mall and there was a sign above it that said, "Comfort and Joy".  I think it was supposed to be for a hotel but I loved the simple message that was sent to me this day.  I have comfort and joy in my life and it's good.  Simple but good.  Joylicious~

Footnote (evening) - I was perusing some ads tonight on craigslist and one jumped out at me!  The title of it was "comfort and joy"!  My angels are working overtime.  It's a little freaky but soooo cool!~

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  1. Signs everywhere you look, hmm? We made the drive down to Snohomish in the afternoon, and we also marveled at the mountains and the beauty around us. What a beautiful day!