Friday, December 3, 2010

Lightness of Being

Every day I feel lighter and lighter.  As I go through the process of shedding pounds on my body I feel like I'm shedding my skin and my old life too.  I'm becoming lighter and lighter in my heart.  The fat is melting away and the anger, sadness and unease are melting with it.  Instead of looking at life negatively and always on the down side I'm look at it more clearly.  Colors are more vibrant.  Laughter is more precious.  Life is becoming a joy again.  My step is easier and my eyes sparkle with health and enthusiasm at what happens next.

I'm feeling excited about the new direction my life has been taking.  Yesterday morning I called the Dr. Pat Show,, to speak with her guest Sue Storm, The Angel Lady.  I asked her who my angels are around me.  She told me that my angels are excited for me right now.  She said they told her I have a lot going on right now and new opportunities are coming.  I completely agree!  She said I have the angels Lorena, who represents divine grace, and Jacob, who represents education.  She told me I still have more to learn but in easy fun ways not as lessons.  She also told me my archangel is Gabriel who is the angel of messages and communication.  So funny since I write a blog and am starting a website!

She asked if I had a question for my angels.  Of course, I had to ask, "Why was I told to purchase a website domain name?"  She said three words, "Expand, expand, expand."  She also said, "Put your heart into it as your soul is already there and you will be a success!  All I could think was, YES!  Expand my life, expand my blog, expand my joyliciousness.

But what a dichotomy this is for me!  As I shed the weight and as I shed the old life, I expand and expand and expand in the new one!  I have no idea what direction I'm going but I'm trusting the angels will take me there happily and safely.  So so joylicious!

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