Friday, November 26, 2010

Don't Look Back...

This morning I got on the scale and had gained two pounds.  Lord knows I tried yesterday.  I gave thanks for family and friends.  I gave thanks for good food and good health.  I was happy I have a job and a roof over my head.  But...the anticipation of my daughter's french apple pie was just too much to resist!

I had every intention of being good on Thanksgiving.  Of following my diet and trying to eat as healthy as possible without being stressed or as my dad said, "putting a damper on the day".  I set aside some celery.  I made my mashed potatoes without focusing on how good they would taste with the yummy gravy I could see cooking right next to me.  I smelled the stuffing, which is always my favorite, and looked the other way.  I passed up the cheese and crackers and the cranberry sauce.

I wanted to make healthy choices.  I chose to eat the turkey even though it's not allowed on my diet.  I had my one roll without butter.  I ate my celery and a little broccolli too.  But didn't eat anything else until...

Dessert time!!  My big downfall.  My daughter makes the best apple pie.  So I chose that too.  And it was great.  So I'm making the decision that the pie was my choice for yesterday and today I choose to go back on the diet.  I'm not going to be concerned about the two pounds.  I'm not going to beat myself up over my decisions.  I'm going to focus on my continuing to eat healthy and follow the diet as I should.

I want to look forward to the future in all my decisions.  I can't always look back at my past mistakes.  Many of those mistakes or choices are the reason I'm who I am today.  I'm currently reading a book about why bad things happen and it's made me realize that each time something bad happened to me I learned a lesson and was able to move forward into my future with better decision making skills.  I learned how to heal the past and be a better, more thoughtful, and caring person in the future.

So I made the choice to eat apple pie yesterday and today I choose to eat apples.  The two pounds will go and I will continue on my healthy path to the future.  Both emotionally and physically and I love that!  No looking back at the bad stuff anymore.  And how bad can a little apple pie be??   Joyliciously good!!!

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